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The Springfield Project does valuable work in our community.  Funding from the council covers some of our work and is subject to fluctuations from central government.  We want to diversify our income so that we can carry on providing our really vital services that we know are desperately needed in the community.

The Springfield Project is grateful for the many volunteers and funders who support our work in the Springfield and Sparkhill community.  Our mission is to do our utmost so every child, every young person, every parent and every adult in our community has the opportunity to enjoy life to the full and reach their full potential. This also extends to every member of staff and every volunteer who helps out in any of our services.

We have a policy of accepting funds to benefit our community, in line with our mission, and are happy to acknowledge funders or sponsors appropriately. We would not accept funding that led to the inappropriate promotion of the funder’s service or agenda that conflicted with our mission or Christian values.

One-off donations are always gratefully received, but if you could commit to giving a small amount each month by standing order, that would help us plan our finances.  Please download a form here.  If you would like to receive newsletters about our work, please complete the form below.

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