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The Feast

The Feast The aim of the Feast is to bring together young people of different faiths and to build friendships, explore faith and change lives. We work towards building good relationships with the young people and then inviting them to events where they can meet one another.
The events we run are totally youth focused. We use good youth work practice and have the interests and needs of the young people at heart.

These events might involves warm up activities, discussion starters, group work, games and refreshments. We also make sure that the needs of all the young people are catered for, such as provision of halal or vegetarian food and prayer times.

These personal faith conversations, based on mutual vulnerability and respect, are an excellent environment for forming new friendships.

Young people are helped to overcome the fears and gain the confidence to live well with people who are from a different community or faith, and can sit together, enjoy food, laughs and honest and open conversations.

Through these interfaith encounters, we encourage the young people to take the lessons from The Feast out into their everyday lives.

This may mean individuals confronting their own prejudices and seeking to make positive changes in their own lives, families and communities. They mate reflect on the way they now want to treat people at school, inviting friends to future events or by spreading the word through social media, videos or blogs.

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