About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is that every child, every young person, every parent and every adult in our community should have the opportunity to reach their full potential in life.  This also extends to every member of staff and every volunteer who helps out in any of our services.  

In the bible, Jesus said the following words:

"The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy, but I am come that you might have life,
life to the full"
       (John 10:10)

The Springfield Project's strapline "God's love in our Community" is achieved  through our aims:

  • To provide relevant community services to families and children in Springfield.
  • To provide a community focus; open, welcoming and accepting of everyone.
  • To cross social and cultural barriers engaging this diverse community.
  • To promote understanding and the common good in our community.
  • To support family relationships.
A poem by Julie Afridi Martin, Children's Centre Teacher 2009-2010:
How poor is poor?
Can you measure it in pounds?
Do the scales of disadvantage
Push life chances to the ground?
Do the scale of disadvantage
Measure levels of exclusion
Stigmatism, solitude
Isolation and derision.
How rich is poor?
There is another side
To measuring disadvantage
Of those we might deride.
There is another measure.
A different marked out scale
To assess the worth of those
Disadvantaged, doomed to fail.
How poor is poor?
Can you shift the arrow head
From rock bottom self esteem
To confidence instead?
Is it possible to review
The pointer of despair
Reverse the sloping scale
Reassess what's measured there?
How rich is poor?
Can you measure it in caring
Community and kindness
Having nothing and yet sharing?

You can measure it in love
Resourcefulness and giving.
Every day full effort
Just to keep on living.